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Almost Harvest Time..

July 1, 2010

We are heading into our first harvest at Town Farm, which will start over the next couple of weeks.  This weekend we will be putting our pickling and slicing cucumbers in the ground, and seeding carrots, lettuce, beets, summer and winter squash.

This week at Town Farm, Bob Burns of Aiki Farms of Ledyard came by with his bed-shaper and in minutes we had beautiful raised beds. Naturally, farming in a place called “Ledyard” in New England, we run into tons of rocks and must adapt. Shaping or digging raised beds creates room for a crops roots to grow freely. It is important to create the best environment for the plant to receive what it needs. So, a big Thank You to Bob! Also, thank you to Bill and Anita of Hidden Brook Gardens, we truly appreciate the help along the way. We look forward to building a cohesive, organic agricultural community while learning something new everyday.

Please remember to check out our new pictures before you leave!

Support Your Local Farmers

Amanda & Dylan

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